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Warrior Diet Drops

HCG Warrior Drops Diet Plan Reviewed

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a long time, there’s a good chance that you’ve already tried a myriad of weight loss products and diet programs that just don’t work. Many of them make big claims about losing weight in a matter of a few days, but you end up regretting your decision of buying them because they’re nothing but a total waste of money.

HCG Warrior Drops

For skeptics, the HCG Warrior Diet Drops may also fall into this category. Make no mistake, though. These diet drops actually contain pure HCG, which could be the missing piece in your weight loss puzzle. And before you say that it’s just another fad, you should know that this product has been around since 2010. Their longevity means that they’ve helped thousands of users, and you just might be the next person to benefit from their one-of-a-kind weight loss product.

This comprehensive review of the HCG Warrior Diet Drops is meant to help you learn everything about it, how it works, its ingredients, and whether you should try it or not.

What is HCG?

Let’s kick things off by understanding what HCG is all about. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a naturally occurring hormone found both in men and women.

HCG’s primary function is to send signals to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls hunger, thirst, metabolism, and temperature. Essentially, the HCG Warrior Diet Drops will communicate with the hypothalamus and tell that it’s time to burn off your excess fat reserves. The question is: how can it do so?

Understanding How the HCG Warrior Diet Drops Work

It’s worth noting that women experience a surge in HCG during pregnancy. The reason for this is that the brain stimulates the production of this hormone to ensure that both the woman and her child receives the necessary nutritional requirements throughout the pregnancy period. After all, a woman can only eat so much food. The brain is smart enough to guarantee that the unborn child isn’t deprived of nutrients.

The HCG hooks into your fat reserves, making them your body’s primary source of energy. This is precisely what happens in pregnant women. But by taking the HCG Warrior Diet Drops, you can benefit from this process and experience impressive weight loss results.

By tapping into your fat deposits, you literally melt them away. As a result, you can see a significant weight reduction quickly. And the best thing about it is that you can lose weight without even exercising. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since plenty of studies show that successful weight loss has more to do with a person’s diet than his exercise regimen.

You might be thinking: where’s the catch? HCG Warrior recommends that you also follow a strict diet program while taking the diet drops. This gives you a better shot at reaching your target weight. The diet plan is quite restrictive. It advises that you only eat a total of 500 calories a day.

Surely, you need more than that to survive, right? It’s critical to understand that even if you only consume 500 calories daily, it doesn’t mean that your body will only burn the same amount of calories. Remember that the HCG converts fat into fuel. You can still go about your day as usual without feeling hungry. That’s the real power of the HCG Warrior Diet Drops.

What are the Ingredients?

As noted earlier, the HCG Warrior Diet Drops contains real HCG. It isn’t like other HCG drops on the market that barely contain any HCG. Moreover, this product boasts a potency of 6x, 12x, 30x, 60x. These are homeopathic terms that refer to the number of times the solution has been mixed.

Aside from HCG, the product also contains a proprietary blend of glandulars, amino acids, and water.

What are the Benefits of Using HCG Drops?

The HCG Warrior Diet Drops are meant for people who want to lose weight in the least amount of time and effort. Using this product is like hacking your brain and forcing it to turn those stubborn fats into your body’s main source of energy. And you can do exactly this without exercising at all. Who says you can’t melt those fats while leading a sedentary lifestyle?

Those who have benefited from the HCG Warrior Diet Drops also rave about how the product has helped them change their eating habits. After going through an entire bottle and returning to their normal diet, most of them have noticed a huge change in their appetite. You’re inevitably bound to experience the same, and this marks the perfect opportunity to rethink the way you eat to avoid putting back all of those pounds.

Essentially, you can reset your metabolism after taking the HCG drops and following the recommended diet plan. You have a full month to get back to the basics, think of the mistakes you’ve done in the past, and formulate a concrete eating plan that will make it easier for you to maintain a healthy weight.

If you do everything as recommended by the manufacturer, you can see results in just a month. You wouldn’t have to wait for so long and exert a ton of effort just to see a lower number in the weighing scale. In fact, the hardest part is developing the habit of taking the HCG drops daily and limiting your diet to 500 calories per day.

How to Use the HCG Warrior Diet Drops?

Using these HCG drops cannot be any easier. For adults, it’s recommended to use 10 to 15 drops, 3 times daily. Be sure that you do this about 6 to 8 hours apart. Place the drops under your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to ensure that your body absorbs the HCG.

As for the HCG diet, you’ll find meal plans on the official website. You can even find information for vegan users. Since you’ll only be eating 500 calories, you shouldn’t have any problems sourcing the food and preparing them. Several recipes are also available on the website to make it as easy as possible for users to stick to the diet plan.

To track your progress, HCG Warrior also provides diet tracking sheets. There’s one for the 27-day drops and another for the 40-day drops.

HCG Warrior Drops FAQ

Are There any Side Effects?

Taking the HCG Warrior Diet Drops doesn’t come with any serious side effects. You might experience slight headaches during the first few days, but these are common whenever you try a new diet that vastly differs from your normal eating habits.

Does HCG Interfere with Medications?

It’s always wise to consult your doctor before trying a new weight loss product. You can confirm whether the HCG will interfere with any of the medications you’re taking. For 10 years, though, HCG Warrior hasn’t seen any user complaining about the diet drops interfering with their meds.

Will I Starve Because of the 500-Calorie Diet?

The simple answer is no. It will take a little getting used to, but as explained above, your body won’t be limited to burning 500 calories. The HCG will use your fat reserves as the primary energy source, which means you will still have the energy to go about your day. Think of it as eating 500 calories while still consuming 2,000 to 3,000 calories because of all the fat deposits melting from your body.

Should I Exercise While Using the HCG Drops?

You might feel tempted to exercise in an attempt to speed up your weight loss results. But when using the HCG Warrior Diet Drops and following the HCG diet, exercising isn’t recommended. You can still do so, but limit it to light exercises like walking for 30 minutes daily. The reason why you wouldn’t want to go heavy is that this diet plan resets your metabolism, and you might mess up the process by hitting the gym.
It’s also worth noting that you won’t lose a significant muscle mass while following the diet. Yes, you might lose a bit of definition, but nothing to be extremely worried about.

Final Verdict

The HCG Warrior Diet Drops has been around since 2010, which speaks volumes about their efficacy. It’s relatively uncommon for weight loss products to last this long without providing real results to users.

These diet drops contain real HCG along with a proprietary blend of amino acids and glandulars. Using it as easy as placing 10 to 15 drops under your tongue 3 times daily. And of course, you need to stick to the HCG diet to reset your metabolism and ensure that your body actually taps into your fat reserves for energy.

The 27-Day Diet only costs CAD 129, while the 40-Day Diet will set you back CAD 189. You can also save money by buying two 27-Day Diet bottles for only CAD 239.

And if that doesn’t sound compelling enough, then you should know that HCG Warrior offers a complete refund if you fail to lose weight in 5 days. That’s how confident they are about their product, and there’s no reason not to try it out.