Review Guidelines

Resosol Wellness Review Guidelines

Since earning your trust is very important to us, we want to share with you how we create trustworthy, timely, and accurate content.

All of our Resosol Wellness reviews undergo an exhaustive review process in order to ensure that they are factually accurate. Our review process includes reaching out to medical professionals to help ensure that Resosol Wellness is a standout source of reliable and authoritative reviews on weight loss programs and products.

Our aim is to treat our article sources, vendors, partners, staff members, and readers openly and fairly and to be judged on the basis of that. Our reputation depends on it, as do our colleagues’ professional reputations.

We finance the operations of this website through our partnerships with various affiliate programs. Our aim is to find programs that we think are among the most effective and comprehensive in terms of assisting people with leading healthier lives.

We provide conspicuous and clear Advertising Disclosures throughout our website and make clear what connection we have to the products we are selling. Please note that we do not receive any type of compensation, free products, or “kick-backs” from any of the products that we review on our website.

Please review our About Us and Advertising Disclosure pages for additional information on how we earn money.

Review Guidelines

Informing readers about products is the main purpose of our reviews.

  1. There are thousands of existing and new programs and products that are designed to help individuals lead healthier lives and/or lose weight.
  2. Various features of a certain program or product, including the quality (whether or not it is tested for potency and purity, where it is manufactured, etc.), ingredients, company background, where to purchase, directions, potential side effects, any collaborations with scientists and experts, and customer success stories.
  3. Similar products to the one of interest.
  4. The science (or its lack) behind each of the ingredients.
  5. Whether or not the program or product provides a comprehensive approach to assisting people with losing weight.
  6. Any fraudulent activity, regulatory action, product recalls, lawsuits, or scams that are associated with a program or product.
  7. What Resosol Wellness users and visitors from across the web (e.g. a person who has posted a product review on Amazon( are currently saying about a product.

We also sometimes provide comprehensive video reviews of hundreds of different diet, supplements, and popular products.

Below you will find the criteria used by our writers to create, edit, and publish our reviews. Please note that they are just a set of guidelines. How closely a reviewer ends up adhering to the guidelines will depend on a number of different factors, including the writing style and unique research methodology of the reviewer, and the kind of program or product that is being reviewed.

Product Details

This includes accurate labeling and a detailed list of ingredients; information on how and where a product was formulated or manufactured, and comprehensive documentation on any claims that are associated with the product being reviewed.

Ingredient Research

The characteristics of the ingredients – the quantity and purity of each of them – of a supplement is essential to showing whether or not a product delivers on the company’s claims.

We rely as well on websites like, Food and Drug Administration, Wikipedia, WebMD, and Google Scholar.

Scientific studies on health and weight loss supplements follow a certain hierarchy when it comes to quality and the evidence that is provided. Therefore, in our ingredient research, we search for “Gold Standard” studies, which are placebo-controlled (RDBPC), double-blind, randomized studies on human beings that support the product claims that the company is making. The more that an ingredient is supported by RDBPC studies, the better it is.

Possible Side Effects

Rather than focusing on a specific product formula, we instead take a close look at the ingredients of a specific product – and how much of each of the ingredients – in order to determine potential side effects of the product.

Company Evaluation

Note that we never accept anything of value from a company or their PR firm.

To thoroughly understand the company that produces a certain product, we look at the product and the company’s history. For example, has the Better Business Bureau and other agencies rated the company? If so, how many neutral, negative, and positive reviews has it received? Are there a lot of customer complaints? When was the company established? It is easy to access information on the company, including executive biographies and contact information?

We also look at reputable web resources, including customer forums, the company’s official website, and social media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

Comprehensive Approach

It is critical for a diet program to be as comprehensive as it can be. Therefore, we look to see whether or not the company clearly states that exercise and diet are key elements to all successful weight loss programs. We then investigate to find out whether or not the product or program incorporates important elements to losing weight as well as keeping it off, including features encouraging a healthy diet and exercise. Therefore, we review programs and products more favorably whenever they offer such features as:

Customizable, healthy meal planning that can be accessed from all devices. Should come with recipe instructions that are easy to follow for every meal as well as grocery shopping lists. It is a bonus if the meal plans provide multiple options in case you don’t like the first one.
On-demand, customizable fitness videos from professional trainers.

A library of strategies and tools (delivered either via video or text) that are designed to help you optimize long-term wellness and nutrition.

Customer Experience

Is the customer’s experience consistent with the product claims made by the company? How are users rating their experiences? We do not limit our investigation of customer service to just neutral, bad, or good. We look at a wider range of reviews and then report our findings.


How much does the product cost? What is the price per serving for supplements? How do thee costs compare to the competition?


If the experience that the customer has with a product is not what they expected, does the company offer a clear refund/return policy? How long does the return policy last from the date of purchase? If a customer returns a product, what costs will they incur?

Although our reviews try their best to follow the guidelines above, from time to time they do deviate from the process depending on the unique characteristics of a product.

For example, on the product reviews that get the most traffic, we buy the product so that we can write a more comprehensive and in-depth review.

Please note that all of the views that are expressed on our website are solely our own. Review our medical disclaimer for more information.

Please contact us if you want to suggest additional information that we might want to consider when doing research for our articles.

Article Sources

Many of the reviews on our website reference ten or more authoritative sources. Our articles are vetted for accuracy and we include direct quotes from interviews with dieticians and nutritionists. See our About Us page to see the members of our Advisory, Contributor, Wellness, and Editorial teams.

There are numerous in-text citations contained in our articles. They are numbered and each one is hyperlinked to the external website’s relevant page. The following are our main sources:

The Federal Trade Commission, Food and Drug Administration, WebMD, Better Business Bureau, Wikipedia, PubMed, Google Scholar, MedlinePlus, and

We have been able to develop a process over the course of writing our product reviews for evaluating user comments, clinical research, and other forms of publically available information. We combine all of this with our expert opinion. Please note that all of the reviews that are expressed on our website are solely our own – or the experts that we draw on for content creation, research, or quotes. For more information, review our medical disclaimer.

Our team aims to be as accurate as possible. However, we do miss things sometimes, and we really appreciate it when our readers help. The easiest way to provide us with a correction is to leave a comment below the article. You can reach us as well via our contact page.

User Comments

Resosol Wellness encourages our readers to comment on our reviews. However, any comments that contain self-promotion, hate speech, threats, profanity, among other issues, will not be tolerated and might be removed or edited. Also, please note, we reserve the right to deny or accept any submitted comment. Most opinions have a tendency to be protected, but we do try to not approve any comments that include misleading or false claims.