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The Best Nootropics Supplements of 2020

When individuals have specific needs, specific nootropics supplements must be used to accommodate them. Your own needs from a nootropics supplement need to be considered when looking for ones that will benefit you. A clear understanding of what will cause your cognitive performance to improve is needed for each brain supplement. There are a lot of options out there, making it difficult to pick the right nootropic to boost your performance. Looking at the following benefits of cognitive enhancers can make the decision process a little easier:

Memory capacity improvements

Focus and concentration boosts

Work performance increased

Cognitive issues related to age are mitigated

Mental anxiety is reduced

Now is as good of a time as any to learn what nootropics are and how they are useful in improving mental performance if you know nothing about them. The subjects of cognitive functionality improvements and the brain itself present a lot of useful information. The following five nootropics supplements are affordable, provide effective improvements and should be considered for use.

Your life will change dramatically when you reach the height of cognitive performance. Your performance in complex and simple tasks will improve due to the enhancement of your brain by stronger cognitive functions. Your attention span and memory are also affected, which have links in your focus and ability to make connections. Since every brain is different from the next, each person will need different things to improve their brain. It’s a good thing that everything related to mental fatigue can be tackled by using the cognitive memory pills mentioned in this article.

About Nootropics

The origins of these memory pills are natural and synthetic. The functionality of the brain is improved with the use of this active substance. Cognitive enhancers, memory enhancing supplements, smart drugs, and brain boosters are all common monikers for nootropics. Prescription nootropics are different from other forms because they are counted as a stimulatory drug. ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, narcolepsy, and other conditions and diseases are treated with the use of prescription nootropics.

Rather than treating disease, some natural nootropics are used to boost cognitive functionality while creating a notable improvement in brain functions. These nootropics can still counteract some common medical problems, even if they weren’t specifically prescribed to treat them. These nootropics are often called smart drugs because of their ability to bring positive changes to mental processes such as learning, thinking, memory, and concentration. Products that are made using natural ingredients are likely to attract consumers because the risk of side effects when using them is lower.

How Effective Are Nootropics?

Natural nootropics made by noteworthy industry manufacturers have given customers positive results. Reliable sources are important if you want to be really sure that you’re taking effective products. Quality can vary between memory pills, with some having a higher quality than others. The listed nootropic brands are likely to provide positive effects and can beat out many of the other nootropics available.

The best Nootropic supplements are made with all-natural ingredients. According to some studies, when the mind gets a daily dose of necessary items from brain boosters with natural ingredients, mental wellness and overall health will improve, while cognitive capabilities will be optimized.

When it comes to memory pills that are going to be used for brain health, more research will always need to be done. Even though medical science is quite advanced, there is a lot of complexity to the human brain that isn’t fully understood, and regardless of whether a product is synthetic or natural, it needs to be examined to see how it will affect the brain. The impacts are better understood as more studies occur. Given how nootropics continue to get more popular each day, increased research is necessary.

2020’s Top Rated Nootropics

1) GenBrain – 2020’s #1 Best Nootropic Supplements

Leading the pack of is GenBrain. Created with a special patented formula, GenBrain is a known to be a mind boosting pill made to improve memory, processing speed, and more. Natural nutrients, such as amino acids and Vitamin B6 are part of GenBrain. When GenBrain is used, electrical impulses are created in the brain and acetylcholine levels are maintained.

GenBrain Nootropic Supplement Benefits:

Brain function improvements – Mental capacity is increased, and in return productivity and alertness will rise.

Memory improvements – Recalling locations and event details is easier due to possible improvements in long-term and short-term memory. We all aim to improve memory function so this is a big selling point.

Cognitive function enhancements – The strength of neurotransmitters in the brain can be increased.

Focus elevation – Longer periods of concentration may be possible.

2) Alpha Brain – 2020’s #2 Best Nootropic

Improvements in concentration, information recollection, and memory are all the focus of Alpha Brain. Turning back the clock on your brain is possible with this product thanks to the all natural ingredients that were used to make it. The use of Alpha Brain isn’t limited only to people who are in the later stages of their lives, but it can work especially well for them. For this reason, the young can take it to keep feeling young and keep their mental state sharp all of the time, and the elderly can take it to help their minds reach a much improved state.

It seems to fire up your brain at a higher RPM level… I feel like it helps me form better sentences.JOE ROGAN Comedian, Podcast Host

Alpha Brain Supplement Benefits:

Long-term memory improvements – Cognitive decline will often result in memory reduction that will only get worse as time goes on. When the Alpha Brain supplement is taken long-term memory is enhanced through brain restoration. It is important to improve memory now before it starts to decline.

Short-term memory improvements – Alpha Brain improves short-term memory through special ingredients. The brain’s short-term abilities were especially used as a focus by the manufacturers in order to create an effective product.

Mental acuity improvements – It can be hard living with a mind that isn’t as sharp as it used to be. Your clarity and mental acuity can be restored.

Brain functionality improves as a whole – Neural pathway protection is a great way to address any functionality in the brain that may be impaired. The brain’s natural protective processes are improved through Alpha Brain usage.

3) NooCube – 2020’s #3 Best Nootropics

In terms of products on the list that have restorative properties for cognitive performance, NooCube is one of the best. Many brain enhancement ingredients are included in this supplement’s formula. The effectiveness and formula of this particular supplement make it one to watch out for over others that exist. The good reputation that this product has gained is due to its ability increase mental performance and fight mental fatigue by working on the brain’s spheres.

Existing brain cells are targeted with the NooCube supplement, and as a result, the creation of new cells is stimulated. New synapses, which are created through the biological process of dendrite arborization, is improve with the supplement. Long after NooCube has been taken, the benefits of it can still be felt, which is quite an impressive feat. In terms of cognitive performance products, NooCube has more than earned its rank near the top. NooCube should be considered for multiple reasons.

NooCube Nootropics Best Benefits:

Learning abilities are improved – It’s easier for the mind to recall and assess information.

Focus and concentration abilities are sharpened – Your focus time improves, along with your ability to notice small details.

Stress reduction – Oxidative stress damage is inhibited. Anxiety impacts and mental fatigue related stress is lessened.

Memory enhancement – Memory and mental performance abilities are enhanced.

4) Brain Pill – 2020’s #4 Best Nootropic

Sensory perception is controlled by the brain’s cholinergic system, and when nerve impulses happen, acetylcholine is released by nerve cells that have become active. When Brain Pill is taken, each brain cell is affected, stimulating the process. The functionality of the nervous system can be directly impacted through this. Many mind functions, such as memory, concentration, and learning, can be boosted with the effects from Brain Pill. There has been a lot of clinical testing on the ingredients that go into Brain Pill.

Brain Pill Nootropic Benefits:

Memory improvements – Quick recall and the overall performance of memory is increased.

Concentration improvements – The effect of distractions on focus will be lessened

Brain functions enhancements – Cognitive function is improved.

Communication improvements – Responses and processing are made clearer.

Learning capabilities are enhanced – Mental performance is increased through brain cells reacting with nutrients.

Pain reduction – Headache triggers are relieved through an increased flow of blood to the brain.

5) Ion Z – 2020’s #5 Best Nootropic

Ion Z is much like other nootropic supplements in that it’s made to improve mind performance and cognitive functions. Although there are many products like it, there are few that can stack up to it, which is why it was able to make it to the top 5 list. It’s a good supplement that also increases the ability to focus while giving an energy boost. Ion Z should be used for a number of reasons.

Ion Z Benefits:

Memory enhancement – When cognitive decline happens, learning can be difficult because the mind has a hard time maintaining information. Long-term and short-term memory are enhanced with the use of Ion Z, improving the ability to learn.

Energy increase- The go to items for stopping brain fog are usually coffee and energy drinks, but Ion Z is a more effective way to dealing with this problem without relying on a daily consumption of caffeine.

Focus improvement – Ion Z is touted by its manufacturers as fighting distraction by giving you a laser-like focus. While you would normally lose focus, Ion Z will help you stay concentrated on the task at hand.

Useful Information About Nootropic Stacks

Cognitive benefits can be enhanced when two nootropic supplements are added together in a process called nootropic stacking. Certain mind issues are targeted through the use of nootropics. Addressing multiple brain issues may be a better solution in some cases. Blood flow improvements and functionality boosts can also be done successfully through stacking.

Consumers that need to deal with multiple brain issues are exactly why nootropic stacks were made. Components with a focus on many cognitive abilities are the parts that make up a nootropic stack. In order to create a nootropic stack, the outcome of the stack must be considered and then ingredients must be chosen to achieve that. Nootropic supplements are made to be used with others, which is why the stack ingredients have a better effect when combined than when used individually.

When the substances of a nootropic stack are chosen carefully, they can be quite effective at improving cognitive abilities. Consumers will receive a high quality supplement as a result, and will be able to fully enjoy the benefits.

Nootropic stacks are attributed to the following benefits:

Attention to mood, memory, concentration, brain power, focus, and other cognitive issues through a specially designed formula.

Highly effective ingredients that have been proven through scientific study.

Pure ingredients with a high quality.

Antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins at significant levels are often present.

The side effects are minimal and not harmful.

No fillers included in the formula.

Dosage taken each day only once.

Are Nootropic Supplements Safe?

A doctor should always be consulted when you’re thinking about taking a nootropic supplement that will affect your mental health and improve the functionality of your mind. Prescription medication can sometimes have a negative interaction with synthetic and natural nootropic supplements. All information about the nootropics that you’re going to take, including the ingredients, should be given to your doctor. All supplements, including ones related to your brain, need to go through this process to ensure your own safety. When consuming products that are made for your own health, this is an important detail to keep in mind.

When buying natural nootropics, make sure the source is one that can be trusted and has a good reputation among other buyers and even professionals. Your own health can be endangered if you fail to do this, as the product you purchase may be packed with a series of unknown ingredients that may have unknown effects when taken alone or with anything else. You’ll be able to find a good retailer for nootropics when you ask other customers for recommendations about existing products and look at informative reviews left by them.

Consumers have given these nootropic products high ratings, which is why they’re usually recommended whenever someone wants to give nootropics a chance. Avoiding negative effects should be your main focus, and this is accomplished by purchasing only high quality mind boosters that are made with the best ingredients.

Natural Nootropics Ingredients

Cognitive function and brain performance can be affected by many natural nootropics that can be found for sale on the market. The right nootropic supplement can be chosen by finding one that suits your needs. The best nootropics have all natural ingredients such as l theanine so make sure you read the labels.

Natural Smart Drugs contain the following ingredients:

L-theanine: Green tea and black tea are where this amino acid can be found. For green tea, it’s a component that’s among the best. Cognitive abilities are improved, mental alertness is enhanced, and alpha waves are increased, making it a huge benefit for the mind. The effectiveness of L-theanine is increased when used in combination with caffeine. Consuming the amino acid with caffeine produces the best effect.

Caffeine: It’s easy to obtain caffeine, as tea and coffee are the ways that people commonly consume caffeine. It’s a highly potent stimulant that is all natural. Concentration is improved, focus is enhanced, and cognitive decline is lessened when caffeine is consumed moderately. Vitality promotion and energy level increases also occur when caffeine is consumed. Many people consume products with caffeine for these specific purposes every day. A dosage that doesn’t exceed 400 mg each day is recommended by the FDA.

Ginkgo Biloba: This well known plant can improve cognitive abilities by using bio-available substances. Many health solutions contain Gingko Biloba for this reason. The potency of Ginkgo Biloba makes it a strong herbal ingredient that can fight and eliminate dementia symptoms.

Creatine: Lots of brain health pills have this amino acid added as a common ingredient. Cognitive impairment issues are effectively addressed with this ingredient. Short-term memory enhancement and reasoning ability improvements are also possible with creatine.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: For establishing a healthy mind, this ingredient is an important one with many benefits. Memory problems related to age are often fought with omega-3 fatty acids. An exceptional natural supplement, omega-3 fatty acids are quite useful in making brain health improvements. Membranes that are found around neurons are developed well with the use of omega-3 fatty acids. Part of the reason for its ability to treat brain issues related to age is related to its ability to quickly restore brain cells. When taken daily as part of a regular diet, omega-3 fatty acids will maintain the health of the nervous system. People usually take pills to get the omega-3 fatty acids (like l theanine) they need because consuming enough foods that contain them can be difficult.

Ways In Which Brain Health Is Supported By Nootropics

Their addition to health routines has shown just how popular nootropics have really become. People want to improve their brain functionality and have a better memory for many reasons, making nootropics beneficial to people of all ages.

Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea was the one who established the term nootropics. It basically means molding the mind, and it’s a word that has Greek origins. Nootropic substance classification guidelines were created by Dr. Giurgea. For a substance to be considered a nootropic, it has to have the following characteristics:

-Memory processes and learning can be affected by low blood pressure, and it has to combat this.

-Provides physical and chemical injury protection for the brain.

-Provide enhancement for cognitive abilities and learning

-Must not have side effects that psychotropic, much like the ones that traditional drugs have.

-Brain stem mechanism must be positively impacted.

-Toxicity levels must not be high.

Where Can Nootropics Be Purchased?

Nootropics can be found at many places. Amazon and other online retailers sell them. These nootropics don’t need a prescription, as they are simple over the counter formulas, like smart drugs and brain boosters. Retailers that have health products, such as pharmacies, will also sell them. Manufacturers will also sell them directly to customers in some cases. For certain nootropics where a prescription is needed, an appointment must be scheduled with a doctor first, and they will help you figure out the right supplement to purchase.

How Helpful Are Nootropics?

The right choice of smart drugs will determine just how helpful a nootropic can actually be for any of the issues that you’re having. Fully understating the issues that you’re experiencing is the first step to choosing the right one. In order to avoid any products won’t benefit you, you must look at the ingredients that were included in the products. Paying close attention to reviews and labels will help you compare feedback from consumers to any manufacturer’s claims.

Your doctor is aware of your medical history, which is why they should be contacted first before choosing any nootropic supplements, because they can provide the best recommendation for your issues. Any negative interactions between nootropic supplements and medicine that you’re already on will also be known by the doctor. Products that promote cognitive function improvements should be your focus when looking for smart drugs.

Attention span increases, mental health improvements, and brain protection are all done through a variety of nootropics. Try using a small quantity of a nootropic at first if you have no idea if it will be useful for your issues. After you see that the nootropic works, increase the amount you take.

Common Nootropic Ingredients Overview

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This is an antioxidant that occurs in the body naturally. It’s neutral and an acetylated form of L-Carnitine. Neural pathways are supported by Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and overall brain functionally is positively impacted. Low speeds in cognitive functionality, memory loss, and other neurological side effects can be eliminated with this compound. Your responses to stress will be better and you’ll be less likely to have mood swings with it. Acetyl-L-Carnitine has a lot of health benefits. L theanine is always a popular ingredient used.

Bacopa Monnieri: Over the centuries, there have been many medical uses for Bacopa Monnieri. The leaves of a plant that grows in India are used to obtain Bacopa Monnieri. Wetland areas in tropical climates can also act as a perfect environment for this plant. A relaxation tool in Ayurvedic Medicine, Bacopa Monnieri has seen use for many years. Brain health, along with memory improvements and cognitive function enhancements are also made with Bacopa Monnieri.

Your mood can also increase with Bacopa Monnieri, as it is thought to increase serotonin levels in the body. Since Bacopa Monnieri is used for memory improvements, Alzheimer patients can find relief in it. Bacopa Monnieri can cause dry mouth when consumed orally as a nootropic supplement, so a lot of water must be consumed with it.

DMAE Bitartrate: ‘Age pigment’ can build up in the brain and dramatically decrease its functionality. Luckily DMAE Bitartrate, a Dimethylaminoethanol, can reduce this buildup. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia problems can be mitigated with DMAE Bitartrate, along with other mental issues. Age related problems in the brain can often be treated with the use of DMAE Bitartrate.

Ginko: The flow of oxygen to the brain is increased with the use of this antioxidant due to a stimulation of blood flow. It’s potent and can mitigate age related issues by providing memory enhancements and increasing cognitive functions. As a restorative ingredient, ginko is well known.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba has been used by many healthcare professionals that see merit in the use of alternative medicine. Wellness, health, and brain functionality are all believed to be improved when Ginkgo Biloba is used. Memory and focus are key functions that Ginkgo Biloba is used to improve. Through use of this ingredient, neural stem cells development is promoted. Since more oxygen is able to make it to the brain, senility and dementia growth are decreased.

L-Glutamine Hydrochloride: Another naturally occurring amino acid, L-Glutamine Hydrochloride is a sedative in the brain. It’s used to calm thoughts and behaviors that may be erratic. You get enough sleep and have less anxiety when you have normal L-Glutamine Hydrochloride levels. L-Glutamine Hydrochloride in nootropics can help with mood related issues.

Phosphatidylserine Complex: The functionality of the brain will be improved with the use of Phosphatidylserine Complex, a known brain food. The growth and survival of neurons in the brain is dependent on Phosphatidylserine Complex. Depression can be treated with it, as it can provide mood stabilization. ADHD and ADD can also be controlled with it.

Rhodiola Rosea: There are many benefits that can be found from the flower buds of Rhodiola Rosea, including the ability to fight cancer. Functionality in the brain is increased, fatigue is lessened, and stress is decreased with Rhodiola rosea. Scandinavian countries have put Rhodiola rosea to use for centuries, and it has gained quite a reputation as something that can combat low energy and depression symptoms. Diabetes may also be controlled with the help of Rhodiola rosea. Although the package is tiny, Rhodiola rosea has a lot going for it.

St. John’s Wort: Created from the extract of the Hypericum Perforatum plant, St. John’s Wort is quite a popular supplement. It’s a well known brain booster that can increase neurotransmitter activity. GABA, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin transmitters are all boosted with it. A doctor should be consulted before using St. John’s Wort supplements because other medicines might react negatively with it.

Vinpocetine: Found natively in various parts of Europe, Vinpocetine is a periwinkle plant based product. It has a basis in traditional medicine, as dementia and other brain issues can be treated with it. It also can help cerebral tissues get more nutrients and provide the brain with more oxygen.

Side Effects Associated With Nootropics

You must always look at the ingredients that are found in nootropics before taking them. Even if the ingredients appear as if they will have no effect at all, you should still understand what they will do to your body. Some negative effects can be produced by some of the ingredients in nootropics. A doctor will always be able to provide you with information about the best nootropics for your body.

The necessary consultation that a doctor can provide when considering supplements is why they’re necessary when considering nootropics. The guidance that a doctor will give will prevent the chances of any negative side effects impacting your body. If you are taking any medication, this is especially important. Pregnant women can be especially vulnerable and shouldn’t use any nootropics, even natural ones, without going to the doctor for help.


The older you get, the more likely you are to forget a thing or two that you would normally remember. It can be annoying to forget things all the time, such as the location of car keys or even the location of a car. Things will only get worse with time. A nootropic supplement might be the solution to your problems if you’ve been having trouble remembering things. Your brain may be able to see positive results when you use a nootropic. All of the nootropic supplements on this list have been through various studies and clinical trials to ensure that they can improve the functionality of the brain.

When you finally decide that you want to give nootropic supplements a try and give yourself a healthier brain, contact your doctor and inquire about what memory pills will work and the ingredients that can be found in them. Your mind and body can be improved with the use of these brain boosters and smart drugs. You can see which benefits will be useful to you through the provided information and which ones will have the best effect with your body. Although brain related problems exist and are common, they can be solved, and if you talk to a doctor, you can know which ones to try. Some people even stack two together for an ultimate stack.

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