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Vigrx Plus Review

VigRX Plus Review: Benefits & Side Effects, Where to Buy

Every man wants to perform better in bed. If you feel as though you are not pleasing your partner, perhaps it’s time to see how you can make your erections better and stronger so they can be more satisfying. When doing research, you may have noticed that there are a wide variety of medications on the market that can help you enhance your erection. While these medications can help with your erection, they can also lead to heart problems and dizziness, so we’re here to help you choose the healthiest and best option for your body’s needs.

Thankfully, there are all-natural supplements on the market that are an excellent alternative to harmful prescription medications. This review is going to focus on VigRX Plus, an all-natural supplement that is designed to offer better erections, stamina, and confidence in the bedroom.

In this review, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about VigRx Plus, a natural product that can help you be harder and more confident while keeping your body safe and healthy in the long run.

VigRX Plus Review: A Complete Overview

One of the most popular and effective natural supplements on the market today is VigRX Plus. This supplement has been shown to offer great results in a very short amount of time. Keep in mind that this is an upgrade over the traditional VigRX Plus. Many customers have sworn that this is the ultimate solution to enhance and better your sex life. When considering the consumption of any form of supplement, it is important to understand its creation.

Leading Edge Health was founded by a group of medical experts in 2001 in an effort to develop VigRX Plus. In fact, Leading Edge Health has become a prominent industry leader in the natural supplement market. They offer a wide range of products designed to help with digestive issues, skin disorders, and signs of aging, and they also make this product to help you with longer lasting erections so you can have a better sex life.

The brand is 100% committed to developing fully natural and safe supplements. Their products are fully tested, sourced, and formulated with all natural ingredients of the highest quality. They also use cGMP certified production facilities in the United States. It is also important to note that all of Leading Edge Health’s products are tested and are completely cruelty free. Considering the fact, that the company uses all natural ingredients, you are going to be able to feel and look better without any of those harmful side effects from traditional prescription medications for male enhancement.

Leading Edge Health is one of the most trusted suppliers of natural supplements worldwide. At the time, they have well over 50,000 affiliate partners throughout the world. One can not deny that the brand is credible.

The Pros And Cons Of VigRX Plus

Like any similar products on the parket, there are going to be pros and cons to VigRX Plus. We list them here so you can decide if this option is right for you and your sexual health.


  • VigRX Plus contains natural ingredients that have already been proven to work.
  • Through the composition of ingredients, VigRX Plus offers its users the maximum dosage.
  • If you are over the age of 18 and sexually active, VigRX Plus is the perfect medication.
  • In addition, there is a 67 day money back guarantee.
  • There is a discount for larger orders.
  • VigRX Plus offers an increase in erection size.
  • VigRX Plus also improves the overall girth of the penis.
  • Your penis will benefit from lasting erections and harder erections.
  • You will have better orgasms and sexual gratification.
  • You will gain the ability to control your ejaculation.
  • Better blood flow to the penis will improve the sex lives of both you and your partner.


  • VigRX can only be purchased online.
  • You must ensure that you are purchasing the real product as there are many fakes and reproductions.
  • Some users have stated side effects, such as mild headaches.

What is VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus is designed primarily as a male enhancement supplement. It has been designed to help support men through sexual difficulties so they do not have to rely on chemical or therapeutic methods that are often deemed unsafe. The product contains a wide variety of natural ingredients, all of which have been shown to treat various sexual dysfunctions. Humans have been using these ingredients in other cultures for generations in a way to boost libido and enhance their sex lives.

VigRX Plus is one of the only products that has been able to step away from their competition by staying completely natural and healthy while still offering better overall sexual health for men. There are no harmful steroids or chemicals contained in the product to help you reach your best.

When you begin to take the recommended amount of VigRX Plus, you will begin to see a wide range of changes in terms of male enhancement. Imagine having greater stamina in bed and enhanced libido. You will also be able to control and maintain lasting erections for longer periods of time. We understand how disappointing it can be for men not to be able to perform. With the VigRX Plus natural male supplement, you will be able to achieve and maintain harder erections and male virility results without the heavy side effects of similar products.

What Are the Actual Ingredients in VigRX Plus? Are They Safe?

With all of its natural ingredients, VigRX Plus is fully safe for you and your body. The product is designed through the use of herbal science. This simply means that it is created though herbal mixtures that have been recreated from traditional remedies.

There are nine particular compounds found within VigRX Plus that help to make it as successful as it is.

Epimedium Leaf Extract

Also known throughout the world as horny goat weed, Epimedium Leaf Extract contains the compound known as icariin, which helps to enhance erectile function. As an added bonus, Epimedium Leaf Extract transports nitric oxide throughout the body, thus opening blood vessels and improving the blood flow, which is important for male virility and sex drive.

Asian Red Ginseng

The Asian Red Ginseng root has long been associated with medicinal benefits for centuries. During the imperial times in China, Asian Red Ginseng was greatly used as an aphrodisiac. This root helps to promote nitric oxide, and in addition, it will protect tissues and blood vessels from oxidative stress. Better blood flow means that you will be able to wield a larger and thicker erection, and since Red Ginseng is natural, there aren’t any serious side effects to maintaining these lasting erections.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

From the amazon jungles of Brazil comes the Muira Pauma plant, popularly used for its bark extract. The bark extract of this plant has been widely used in many medicines in an effort to prevent and heal sexual disorders. In the early 1990’s, a study showed that the Muira Pauma plant bark extract works to help to increase the libido, allowing for a better sex drive for both men and women. This bark extract is a viable way to naturally enhance one’s libido and sexual function.

Hawthorn Berry

Make no mistake about it, these are not tasty berries, but the Hawthorn berry works as a highly potent vasodilator. This simply means that the Hawthorn berry is essential for opening blood vessels which helps to increase blood flow. Opening blood vessels is an important factor in a natural male enhancement.

Catuaba Bark Extract

Another herb coming from the soils of Peru and Brazil, the Catuaba Plant, has been found to be quite useful over the years. It is used to arouse people and help with sexual performance and sex drive. This herb contains several various compounds that deliver an impact to the nervous system, working to reduce physical fatigue and agitation.

Saw Palmetto

Hailing from North America, the Saw Palmetto plant’s leaf extract has been used for generations to help treat prostate issues in men. In addition, the Saw Palmetto leaf extract it is quite useful in the regulation of testosterone in men. Additionally, the Saw Palmetto plant’s leaf extract is widely used for urological health.

Ginkgo Biloba

Another essential herb that was used throughout imperial times was Ginkgo Biloba. This extremely potent plant will help to increase the flow of blood to the nervous system and brain. This improved blood flow is essential for rock hard erections, making Ginkgo Biloba an essential part of any male enhancement supplement. Ginkgo Biloba has been used for centuries and is still used often today.


We understand that this may sound like a chemical, but it is actually a natural extract derived from pepper. This is known to help the human body absorb essential nutrients. With the addition of bioperine in the body, it can help to absorb 40% of the ingredients. You must have all the ingredients come into play together for the best results.

How Exactly Does VigRX Plus Work?

There are two important ingredients that are needed to improve an individual’s sex life, and VigRX Plus has a perfect combination. There must be the right amount of vital nutrients and a proper hormonal metabolic balance. VigRX Plus manages to combine several ingredients that will regulate both of these essential aspects. These components are essential in allowing VigRX Plus to work in the way that it does. This perfect combination of ingredients forms VigRX Plus, the best libido and aphrodisiac enhancer on the market that targets erectile blood flow and sex drive.

VigRX Plus works rather simply by managing the amount of blood that is going to flow into the penis. The pills will control this through increasing the amounts of nitric oxide that are present in the body. Nitric oxide manages to relax the muscles that are found within the walls of the penis, allowing for more blood to flow in and give a bigger and harder erection.

The aphrodisiacs in the VigRX Plus formula will increase not only your sexual desires, but your sexual functions as well. Finally, there are ingredients in VigRx Plus that help with brain signaling, which will keep your libido at optimal levels. While the state of your erection improves, your overall sexual stamina will grow longer as well. This is due to some of the ingredients working as antioxidants that reduce the level of sexual fatigue you may feel. It’s important to take the correct dosage of VigRX Plus each day to maintain the level of antioxidants and supplemented aids for your overall health.

The Overall Benefits Of VigRX Plus

Taking the natural and effective VigRX Plus is going to offer your body a multitude of benefits, of course, the first being an increase in your overall sexual libido. VigRX Plus is going to provide you with the ability to main a hard erection and can allow for multiple orgasms with no problem. You are going to be able to provide your partner with an incredible sexual experience, and you will also have the ability to control your erection and perform almost immediately once you start taking VigRX Plus.

While there are many sexual benefits, we need to look at the mental side of VigRX Plus for a moment. Seeing your own sexual performance improve and the overall happiness in your partner changes you. With this improved sexuality and confidence, your mental health is also going to get a well-deserved boost. You are finally going to feel relaxed and stress-free. Sex is going to become fun again! Just be sure to keep taking the correct dosage of VigRX Plus each day as directed so you can maintain your results.

How Do I Use VigRX Plus? What is the Dosage?

One bottle of VigRX Plus contains 60 tablets and that is enough for one month. You will take a single table, twice per day for the best results. Simply take one in the morning right when you wake up and another before you sit down for breakfast. This way you can easily remember that schedule. You have to ensure that you are taking the right amount of VigRX Plus on a daily basis to ensure that the supplements are able to work correctly.

In addition, be sure you take all of the pills in the bottle and continue taking them for the absolute best results. Most people will begin to see results within 30 to 60 days of using the supplements. Likewise, you need to keep using the supplements to ensure you keep the results. If you stop taking these supplements, you are not going to have those incredible results.

Are There Side Effects From Taking VigRX Plus?

With the process of using any sexual stimulant, there is always a concern of potential side effects. Due to the fact that VigRX Plus is all natural, there are no serious side effects at all despite the strong results reported by men everywhere. Leading Edge Health only uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure that their customers get the best benefits possible. In addition, all of the ingredients within VigRX Plus have been fully documented with history of use. Whether used as a cultural remedies from a century ago or when considering modern day uses, the ingredients are proven effective for male virility.

While these ingredients are natural and should not cause any problems, it is important to seek out a physician before using any type of supplement. If you have allergies to any of the ingredients that are found within VigRX Plus, it is in your best interest not to use the product at all. You can find out by simply talking with your physician about current allergies and the ingredients found in the supplement. If you are fortunate enough to be allergy free, there is no cause for alarm, simply take the supplement and enjoy all of the benefits. Being all natural, it will not cause any harm or hurt you adversely.

VigRX Plus Reviews From Real Users

Considering that this supplement has been around for years, it has gotten a multitude of reviews. In fact, the official website states that over 1.2 million bottles of VigRX Plus have been purchased since 2007. There are reviews stating how individuals found results with in as little as two weeks and it saved relationships.

Another reviewer claimed that the girth of his penis increased when he became erect. In addition, his erections came much easier and would last through the night. He became a believer in the product and has no intention of stopping with it and losing the results he has gained.

Looking at the product on various websites, you will see rating from 3.7 to 4.7 with a very handsome average of 4.15. With an impressive rating such as that, it is now one of the go to natural sexual enhancements pills on the market today.

Where Can I Buy VigRX Plus?

There is only one recommended place on the internet that you can purchase VigRX Plus and that is on the official website. There are other sites claiming to sell VigRX Plus, but they are bogus. You can find the official website at www.vigrxplus.com. On the site, you will note that there are five options you can choose from when planning your VigRX Plus purchase. There is the Platinum Package at 12 months, a gold package for six months, the most popular package for three months, the good value package for two months, and finally the everyday value for one month. Be aware that these can be rather pricey for any budget, ranging from $489.99-$76.99, but that free shipping may be available. However, if you have been lacking sexually, the price is well worth it.

In addition, your VigRX Plus purchase comes with a 67 day cash back policy if you are not happy with your results. Do keep in mind that the policy is only good for the 3 month package and above. There is no refund with the one or two month package.

VigRX Plus: The Bottom Line

As men age and deal with stress, their sexual performance can decline and have debilitating effects. Men find this struggle to be rather embarrassing and it can make them feel like less of a man. However, the loss of male virility is more common than many realize, and luckily, there is an easy solution to achieving a more fulfilling sex life.

Male enhancement products, such as VigRX Plus, are designed to rectify your problems quickly and easily. These natural supplements are designed to improve your sexual health, make you feel better, and give you a better quality of life. We hope that this VigRX Plus review has answered some of your questions about the supplement. Remember that these products are designed to improve your life and offer a more sexually satisfying life for you and your partner.

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