Phallosan Forte Review

Phallosan Forte Review: The Best Penis Enlargement Solution

If you ask the average man if he wants a larger penis, he’ll probably say yes. While it’s perfectly normal to want to increase your penis size, you’ll want to be sure to do so in a way that is safe while providing you with your desired results. With most products you’ll see a visible different in no less than six months. If you’re looking for a penis extender that has been proven to boost girth and length while being comfortable to wear, then your best option is the Phallosan Forte.

The Phallosan Forte device has been in production since 2001, which means it’s been around longer than most of its competing products. Furthermore, this is the only device on the market that can deliver results in as quickly as six months. If you’re wanting to quickly increase penis size, the Phallosan Forte is definitely your best choice. Not only can it improve your size, but it can potentially increase your length and girth as well. Using this extender can benefit both you and your partner, as well as your confidence.

Since there are plenty of positive reviews for the Phallosan Forte, you can clearly see that this is one of the best extenders that work to increase penis size. This device works through a process known as jelquing. This is a beginner-friendly device since it’s easy to use.

As you read this Phallosan Forte review, you’ll be able to learn more about this extender product and how it compares to other penis extenders. You’ll learn more about the company behind the device, how the device works, and what kind of results you should expect if you wear it for the required hours per day. Before we get into that, however, there are a few things we should discuss.

Do You Really Need A Phallosan Forte Penis Extender?

The average man has a penis that is just a couple inches long. A penis that is 6 inches when fully erect is on the middle to larger size, but often, men desire to have even more length.

That’s why even people that have extensive experience with penis enlarging devices use the Phallosan Forte. There’s no way to permanently increase your penis size. That’s why, whether you use supplements or an enlargement device, you need to be consistent in order to achieve and maintain results.

The average man has a penis that is approximately 5 inches when hard. Even if you have an average-size member, it’s likely that you’ll want to see the difference the Phallosan Forte can make by simply wearing the device for a few hours per day.

If you’ve never tried a penis enlargement device before, it’s safe to assume that you’ll get some results from most methods. With that said, if the penile tissue isn’t being stretched, your penis’ flaccid length won’t change. Stretching is the only method of penis enlargement that can increase the size of your penis when it is not erect. Stretching penile tissue, the method that the Phallosan Forte uses, has been clinically proven to boost penis length and girth in a short amount of time.

What You Should Know About the Phallosan Forte

It’s important to know that there are no immediate results, regardless of the device that you use. Because you’re augmenting your muscles, it takes time to see a difference, even if you use supplements and exercises as well. At a minimum, you won’t see noticeable differences in penis length and girth for at least a few months, whether or penis is flaccid or erect.

You shouldn’t use a penis extender until you’ve taken a closer look at the material the device is made from. It’s likely that you’ll be wearing the device for at least 3,000 hours before your penis size is increased. Because of that, you need to make sure the device is comfortable and safe to be wearing for up to 12 hours per day.

How Does The Phallosan Forte Work?

The Phallosan Forte and other penis extenders are traction devices. These devices are different from penis pumps, which are often used to treat erectile dysfunction. Extenders aren’t designed for individuals with erectile dysfunction and do not do anything to increase blood flow. Instead, these devices work to stretch the penile tissue that is along the length of the penis.

Devices that increase blood flow, like pumps, are the best choice for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The best option for men that want to increase the size of their flaccid penis are medical traction devices, which is what the Phallosan Forte is. If a penis has a lot of curvature, it may also be able to straighten the penis. If you have concerns with the curvature on your penis, choosing to wear Phallosan Forte could be an excellent option to get things straightened out while also increasing length and girth.

Why Safety And Design Quality Matter

If you’re placing a device on your member, particularly a device like the Phallosan Forte that is designed to augment your penis, you need to be confident that it is safe. Not all devices on the market are safe, and using some kinds of materials can be risky. You should try to avoid devices that utilize stretcher bars and do not give you the option of adjusting resistance levels.

For the sake of your comfort and safety, you should avoid devices without adjustable resistant. Furthermore, you should make sure you pick something that is simple to use. Some devices can cause pain if you become erect while using the device. If this does occur, you need a way to adjust the tension or quickly remove the device.

One benefit the Phallosan Forte offers is that it includes both an adjustable elastic belt and a tension clip. This means you can easily make adjustments on the fly.

Since you’ll be wearing the Phallosan Forte for up to 12 hours per day, it’s important that you’re comfortable in it for the best possible results.

The Phallosan Forte Manufacturers

This device is produced by Swiss Sana Ansalt. This company trades using the name Orbisan LTD, so this is the name that will appear on your billing statement. The manufacturer is located in Liechtenstein, a Western European country that is located between Austria and Switzerland. Since it is located in the European Union, there are strict guidelines that need to be followed, including the CE criteria. This company meets all health and safety requirements. Swiss Sana has been around since 2001 and has been a reputable male enhancement provider since its start. Since then, they’ve managed to earn more than $10,000,000 in sales, the Phallosan Forte being among the most popular product.

Because this company has extensive industry expertise, the Phallosan Forte has become an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This means that brands producing similar devices can ask Swiss Sana to manufacturer products on their behalf. This is a unique design and is manufactured on location in Europe. As stated above, it meets all CE certification requirements, so this extender is safe to use. You can check their official website for more information.

Who is This Device for?

There is a large market for penis extending devices depending on if you are focusing on penis extension for length or for penis girth. Luckily, the Phallosan Forte does both. With that said, it’s important to note that different devices are suitable for different people. When you look at sales pages, you’ll consistently see claims that devices cause a size increase. This isn’t just marketing, these devices automate something that you can already do, which is increase blood flow by massaging the tip of your penis. The Phallosan Forte also mimics skin manipulating stretching exercises like jelquing.

Although these devices can deliver results, you won’t see a difference unless you use the device for hours a day for a few months at minimum. The Phallosan Forte utilizes the same technique to stretch the penis’ skin. Resistance is slowly increased, allowing the device to gently deliver gradual results.

If you’ve never used a tension device to enlarge your penis before, you should know that there are more affordable options on the market. The Phallosan Forte is also a terrific option for people that have already seen gains from other devices and are looking for bigger and better results.

If you’ve never used a penile enlargement device, you’ll find that the Phallosan Forte offers plenty of benefits. However, people that have been let down by other devices in the past and people that want more length than other enlargement tools can provide will be especially impressed. The Phallosan Forte reviews really speak for the product, and you can find more highlighted information about this extender on the website.

How the Phallosan Forte Works

This product functions in the same way that other penis enlargement devices do by working to increase penis size. However, since it’s made using premium materials, it’s more gentle than other devices that stretch the penis. This is made out of hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone and provides world-class comfort. In fact, you could easily fall asleep while you’re using this product.

This is one of the most impressive benefits the Phallosan Forte offers. Most men don’t want to wear these devices during the day when they’re out in public. You can put the Phallosan Forte on before you go to bed and remove it when you wake up the next day.

If you’re new to tension devices, you may not understand how these function. When you wear these devices, the penile tissue is gradually strained, which leads to minor tears. This is similar to the process you go through when you build muscle mass by lifting weights. You’ll see the Phallosan Forte results when your skin starts to heal. As you recover, your body will produce more collagen, which means your penile tissue will come back stronger and larger than it was before.

This device is intended to be worn overnight. Because of this, you can go through your typical daily routine without having to apply the Phallosan Forte. You won’t have to stick to some sort of routine in order to see results. The majority of these devices aren’t comfortable to wear while sleeping, but that’s one of the things that makes the Phallosan Forte so special. Since it’s likely that you won’t see gains for at least three months, this is a huge advantage, and it can make the device much easier to use.

Sleeping While Wearing the Phallosan Forte

If you sleep on your stomach, it’s essential that you wear a comfortable device. After all, you’re going to be resting your body on top of it. A penile extender that uses a strap and a bar won’t work for belly sleepers. Thankfully, the Phallosan Forte utilizes something referred to as a “protector cap.” This is a condom-style sleeve. The cap is placed over the head of your penis. From there, you place the device on over the cap. Because of this design, the device can get a great fit on a flaccid penis. It isn’t necessary to be semi-erect in order to fit the device. After the device has been fitted over the protector cap, the sleeve can simply be pulled over the penis. On the end of the device, you’ll find a vacuum pump. This is adjustable, which means you can find something that’s comfortable for you.

After the device has been fitted, you can place a ring that’s foam-cushioned over the penis. This ring is connected to an elastic belt that is designed to be wrapped around the waste. This is designed to be hooked onto a loop that is connected to the end of the vacuum pump. When you adjust the belt, the tension will be adjusted as well. There is also a color-coed resistance gauge that you can use to change the amount of resistance being exerted on the penis by the device.

You should know that, even if you become erect while wearing this device, it won’t cause any issues. This is essential for devices worn overnight, as it is possible to become erect as you sleep. If you wear a device with tension clasps that use bars, an erection could cause pain and discomfort. There have been no Phallosan Forte side effects reported by individuals who choose to wear this device as they sleep.

What the Phallosan Forte Includes

This is a complete kit, which means when you open the box, you’ll find everything that you need to get started with using the Phallosan Forte. The only thing you’ll have to purchase later on will be replacement sleeves. Thankfully, the kit already includes several spares.

In the kit, you’ll find:

An Elastic Belt with an Attached Foam Ring: This is one of the many details that makes this device stand out. It’s rare to see foam on a penis extender. Plastic is the most commonly used material, which can be difficult to move in. Because the device has a foam ring, you’ll experience minimal discomfort when it’s being worn. This means that you’ll be able to sleep peacefully when you wear this overnight.

Three Sizes of sleeves and a Suction Bell: Inside the kit, you’ll find small, medium, and large sleeves. You can use a measuring template to determine which size you should wear. The suction bell fits over the glans and is one-size-fits-all.

It’s likely that either the small or medium sleeves are what you will use to start. The kit includes several protector caps as well. The suction bell is made from medical-grade silicone that’s hypoallergenic, which means you won’t have problems when you wear it.

Storage Bag: This bag is an easy way to ensure that all parts, like your spare sleeves, are kept together. Because Phallosan Forte says that you’re likely to see results in a few months, it’s possible that you’ll have to switch to a larger sleeve once your girth starts to increase.

A Tension Clip: This is one of the most essential components of the Phallosan Forte. This is what you use to change resistance levels. Settings range from 0.4 kg to 3 kg of pressure.

This includes safety instructions in both English and German. The device should not be worn for more than 10 hours a day or for more than 6 days a week. This will give your skin time to properly recover.

In addition, you’ll find a measurement ruler. This will allow you to track your progress so that you have a better sense of the results the device has helped you to achieve. Like with any time of penis extender, this is designed to deliver gradual results. Without measuring, you may not be able to notice that your girth and length has increased by a few millimetres. You won’t be instantly adding inches to your penis, even when you’re using an effective device like this one. Because of this, accurately measuring your member can help you keep you motivated.

Since this comes will three sleeve sizes, you can start by using a sleeve in either the small or medium size. Once you’ve started to see some progress, you can switch to the larger size. Since these sleeves are similar to condoms, it’s possible for them to tear. Because of this, you may find yourself using spare sleeves.

If you use the materials supplied, you can expect to see Phallosan Forte results in approximately three to six months. If you choose to use the device for longer than that, you may see more significant results. The core components of the Phallosan Forte are covered by a two-year warranty. The replacement sleeves and protector caps are not covered under the warranty.

Although it’s likely that you’ll see results in six month’s time, it is beneficial that the device has two years of coverage. This means you’ll have ample time to increase the size of your penis, even if you don’t choose to wear it all night. This is a high quality product that can deliver results in six months, but it can be used over a longer period of time as well.

You will need to make sure that you take at least one day off from using the Phallosan Forte. This will give your skin the chance to recover.

Why Does it Take Between Three to Six Months to See Results?

No penis extender can deliver instant results. In most cases, devices promise results within three to six months. It’s important to note that these numbers assume that you’ll be using the device regularly. When you use a poorly-fitting or uncomfortable penis extender, it’s likely that you won’t wear it as often, which means it will take longer to see results.

In order to augment the size of your penis, you need to wear the device for many hours. It’s not months or even days that matter. It’s the number of hours you wear the device that will make a difference, and you should follow the directions closely.

Since this is a comfortable device that you can wear while you sleep, it can be worn for as much as 10 hours per night. Other devices aren’t as comfortable, which is why most devices can only be worn for four to six hours.

When your penile tissue is exposed to more prolonged stretching, your body will need to work harder in order to repair the damage that the tissue has sustained. This means that the tissue will be stronger when it grows back, and it will be larger as well. The majority of PE devices on the market cannot be worn for a full 10 hours. With that said, most of these devices follow the same basic principles. The goal is to cause minute tears in the tissue that the body will have to repair.

Since the Phallosan Forte is designed to be worn overnight, the recovery process is simple. You can just wear it as you sleep, and then remove it in the morning and go through your day normally. Of course, the average person isn’t able to sleep ten hours a night. Most adults only get somewhere between seven and eight hours of sleep a night. Luckily, you can also wear this device while you’re relaxing at home before bedtime. You won’t need to remove it until you wake up in the morning, unless you need to urinate.

Phallosan Versus Sizegenics

When you look at penis extenders, you’ll see two brands come up again and again: Phallosan and Sizegenics. These are both comfortable, premium-quality devices that can be worn for up to ten hours a day.

They can both increase length and girth. What separates these two products is how they are designed to be used. If you’re interested in a device that can be worn during the day, you may find that Sizegenics is the better option. This is because it can be fitted more quickly.

If you’d rather wear the device overnight, and you don’t want to worry about penis extenders during the day, the Phallosan Forte is the better option. Of course, if you typically use the bathroom several times a night, the Phallosan Forte may not be the best option for you. After all, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to take the time to refit it before you go back to bed.

The Problem With the Phallosan Forte Penis Extender

This is a fantastic product, but it does have one major problem. It uses condom-like sleeves that can split. If you run out of sleeves, you’ll need to replace them, and they can be pretty expensive. You can expect to pay around $26 USD per sleeve. Because of this, if you have a budget, you should keep this in mind when you’re calculating cost. It’s likely that you’ll need to restock after three months.

Swiss Sana does sell spare parts for the Phallosan Forte, but it’s unlikely that you will need to replace anything aside from the sleeves. While this manufacturer prioritizes quality, the sleeves are worn like condoms are, and it is likely that they would split no matter what material they were made from.


The Phallosan Forte is a well-made device from a very reputable company, and this product comes highly reviewed from previous users. Just be sure to order directly from the website so you know that you’re getting the official product. With the Phallosan Forte, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s safe, convenient to use, affordable, and it can help you to build your self esteem by increasing your penis length and girth.