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Best Male Enhancement Pills on the Market

Do you see male enhancement ads on the internet and wonder whether they will work on you? Do you secretly wish to enlarge your penis size and surprise your partner in bed? If you do, then it’s high time focus on your sexual performance and try one of the male enhancement products. Trust me, it works wonders. And I’m saying this out of my personal experience.

Most men think that their penis is too small to satisfy their partner. They suffer from an inferiority complex and a lack of sexual performance. If you too fall in the same group, then do read till the end. I have some incredible recommendations for penis enlargement products that will make you the king in bed. You would never complain about your sex life ever again.

There are tons of sexual performance products out there, such as vacuum pumps, lotions, creams, and ointments, but according to my experience, male enhance pills are the best. They contain natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins that improve blood flow to your penis. This not only increases its size but also the girth.

What is the Most Effective Male Enhancement Pill

While looking for the best male enhancement pill, I would suggest you focus on how the supplement works. Is it a quick fix for one night? Or does it increase your penis size naturally so that it doesn’t become small again? To find all these answers, you should check the user reviews of the products. When I finally decided to try one of these supplements, I went ahead and checked the ingredients. I didn’t want to consume anything that contained synthetic elements or fillers. My priority was to go organic. And so, I chose a male enhancement pill that had natural ingredients.

Here are some of the male enhancing pills that I would recommend. Try them, and see a significant change in your penis size and sex life within a few days.

1. Vigrx Plus (Best Male Enhancement)

Vigrx Plus

This is a scientifically-engineered male enhancement pill that boosts your testosterone, blood boosters, and libido. Moreover, it not only increases your genitalia but also makes you healthier. The reason why I’m recommending this product is it contains 10 essential ingredients that focus on various aspects of your body. One of the crucial reasons why people have small penises is the lack of blood flow into their genitalia. These ingredients eliminate that issue once and for all.

In addition to improving blood flow, Vigrx Plus also dilates the blood vessels near your penis. This leads to longer erections so that you can please your partner for long periods. Those who have small penises often feel that they would not be able to perform at the best of their abilities. This can impact your sex life to a great extent. You may suffer from premature ejaculation or have a low sex drive. But Vigrx Plus will get rid of these problems for good.

This supplement increases your hormone and testosterone production. It works as an excellent stress reliever. You will not feel any pressure to perform in bed. With a longer and stiffer penis that stands the test of time when it comes to erections, you will enjoy your time in bed like never before.

2. Male Extra (Natural Male Enhancement)

Male Extra

Male Extra is undoubtedly one of my favorite enhancement male pills. Why? Because it contains 100% natural ingredients; just the combination I love. Most importantly, the manufacturers follow all the codes set by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) while making these supplements. While searching for male enhancement products, I often came across shady pills that didn’t want to disclose the ingredients or their manufacturing process. Fortunately, Male Extra wasn’t in that category.

This is a product that believes in transparency. It not only provides a list of ingredients but also sends the final product for rigorous testing. And honestly, the natural ingredients offer all the effects that you usually see in the ads. In fact, many users say that their penis grew by almost 8 cm within a few weeks. That’s a massive difference. Imagine if you consume the supplements from tomorrow, you will also get a similar-sized penis soon. And not just the length! The girth will also take a huge turn. It will soon become the size of a PVC pipe!

Another reason why I’m recommending this product is it’s safe to use for anyone. There are hardly any side-effects, provided you follow the dosage instructions carefully. I say this to everyone. If you want to try pills male enhancement supplements, make sure you follow the dosage instructions as mentioned by the manufacturer. Don’t take extra male enhancement pills in the hope of getting a bigger penis sooner. Let the ingredients work on your body naturally.

3. ExtenZe (Claims over 1 billion sold)


In addition to small penises, I’ve often come across people complaining that they have erectile dysfunction. Even though they have the sexual drive, their wonder muscle doesn’t respond to their excitement. With ED becoming a growing issue among men, ExtenZe is the answer to that problem. The makers claim that they have already sold more than a billion pills all over the world. And I believe that. After all, ExtenZe has been around for quite some time now. Like Male Extra, it also contains natural ingredients that focus on eradicating ED from its root.

Some of the herbal elements in this supplement come from West Africa. They are helpful in treating male infertility. This product blocks alpha-2 adrenergic receptors that prevent your erections. Alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, along with low blood flow to the penis, leads to ED. Once you start using taking this pill, the nitric oxide in it will improve the blood flow through the vessels leading to your penis. It also clears phosphodiesterase type 5 that blocks your arteries from dilating your genitalia. If these two paths get a free pass of oxygen and blood, no one can stop you from pleasing your partner in bed.

Additionally, it increases your libido. ED, accompanied by low sex drive can turn off any woman. And that can affect your marital life also. If you don’t want anything like that to happen, you should start taking ExtenZe right away.

4. Prosolution Pills (Viagra Replacement)

Widely popular as the natural replacement for Viagra, I would suggest that you should take this pill right before getting into action. If you want a harder, bigger, and longer erection, then Prosolution Pills is what you should take. In fact, many people say that they get multiple orgasms after consuming this supplement.

While most supplements concentrate on boosting the blood flow to your penis, Prosolution Pills work on improving your physical aspects. It makes you more energetic so that you can perform longer. Of course, it will increase your penis size, but its way of working is different compared to other products. It increases your stamina to such an extent that you feel like going all night long.

The products don’t allow you to ejaculate within a few minutes. They improve your arousal rate, strengthens your erection, and delay your ejaculation – the dream combination that men usually want in bed. The natural ingredients in this supplement are a mix of herbs that lift your mood and increase your virility. Prosolution Pills also has trademarks on two of its ingredients: Solidilin and Drilizen. It shows how serious they are regarding their product.

These ingredients stimulate your thyroid and boost your metabolic rate. They also skyrocket your testosterone levels. This means you will feel more energetic in bed. The reason why I’m so impressed with Prosolution Pills is its quick action. You will feel a change in your sex drive within 30 to 45 minutes after consuming one of the supplements. And that’s why I suggest you should take this pill right before going to bed.

5. Semenex (Best Semen Enhancer)


Longer erections don’t necessarily mean good quality semen. If you are planning to have a baby with your partner but also want a fantastic sex life, then I would recommend using Semenex. This supplement goes the distance to improve your semen so that one of those lucky swimmers can pierce your partner’s eggs and make her pregnant. There’s nothing like fatherhood. And if it comes at such a low cost, then you should grab the opportunity with both hands.

Its ingredients ensure long-lasting libido so that you can control your orgasm for a long period. It helps you maintain your intensity while in bed. Once you start with your activities, you won’t want to stop.

Apart from excellent sex life, this supplement also increases the overall volume of your semen. Additionally, it improves the quality and quantity of your sperms also. With increased strength and mobility, those swimmers will go straight from your penis and hit your partner’s eggs, thus boosting her chances of getting pregnant. This supplement is ideal for those whose sperms have low mobility. Their sperms don’t reach the eggs. The ones that do, don’t have the potential to pierce the eggs, and so the women don’t get pregnant. Semenex can solve that issue.

With an all-natural formula containing organic extracts, amino acids, and natural herbs, this supplement eliminates the blockages that prevent your sperms from reaching the eggs. Also, they energize the sperms so that they can hit the bull’s eye in the first attempt. You can soon expect your partner to drop the good news once you start taking this pill. Check out our full review and personal experience in our complete Semenex review.

Other Male Enhancement Products

Male Enhancement Patch – Those who don’t like to consume supplements often seek for alternatives to increase their penis size. You can try using male enhancement patches for a change. The only drawback that I feel about patches is they take a long time to deliver their effects. Pills work on your transdermal delivery system once they mix in your bloodstream. Moreover, supplements are easy to consume. With patches, you need to constantly check whether they are still attached to your body or not. Sweat can reduce the efficiency of the patches as they become loose and may fall off while you change your clothes.

Male Enhancement Surgery – I would recommend penis enlargement surgery only if you have loads of money. These surgeries are outright expensive. Yes, they do enlarge your penis, but the invasive procedure is scary. I don’t see myself in an operation bed with doctors tweaking little Joe. Usually, the surgery involves attaching a suspensory ligament to the pubic bone. The doctors would remove a small part of your skin from the abdomen and attach it to your penile shaft. Once they cut the ligament, your penis will become longer over time.

Male enhancement exercises – Male enhancement exercises are for those who don’t want to go through the grueling surgeries or consume pills. But I don’t think these exercises work to an extent that pills do. Your penis won’t automatically increase by 8 cm within a few weeks. In fact, you may not notice any significant change at all. Yes, the blood flow to your penis may increase which would result in longer erections, but when it comes to improving penis size, exercises fall short of expectations.

Essential oils for male enhancement – Essentials are helpful for treating erectile dysfunction. They don’t necessarily increase the size of your penis. You have to massage your abdominal areas after applying these oils for a few minutes every day. But if you think that a few drops of essential oil would make you perform like a lion, then you are wrong. Essential oils create a mood so that you can enjoy your time in bed with your partner. There is no proof that they enhance your genitalia. Some of the essentials oils may boost your sex drive, but that’s all about it. You won’t see any changes in the size of your penis even if you use essential oils every day.

How Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Whether it’s your sex drive, penis size, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, male enhancement pills can solve all these issues and never let them bother you again. As the ingredients dissolve in your bloodstream, they find ways to unclog the paths that are blocking blood and oxygen from reaching your genitalia.

The herbal ingredients first work on your adrenergic receptors. These help in treating male infertility. Those who have active adrenergic receptors often suffer from low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. The pills will make these receptors dormant. Moreover, insufficient nitric oxide also leads to ED and low libido. The pills boost nitric oxide production in your body that quickly restores your libido and makes you energetic in bed. Together with an amino acid called L-arginine, they ensure that your body doesn’t slow down when in action.

Another enzyme that usually blocks arteries from pumping blood to your penis is icariin. It is a phosphodiesterase type 5 protein that contributes to ED. This protein acts as a barrier between your penis and the incoming blood and oxygen. They don’t let your penis from dilating. One of the natural ingredients used in male enhancement pills is horny goat weed. It counters the effect of phosphodiesterase type 5 so that there is appropriate blood flow into your genitalia.

According to experts, those who have low quantities of zinc in their bodies are prone to sexual issues like premature ejaculation, small penises, and ED. The male enhancement pills take care of that also. They contain a high percentage of zinc so that they can restore your body’s zinc levels. A combination of magnesium and zinc not only drives ED and premature ejaculation away but also takes your testosterone to the next level. With a higher level of testosterone, your body would respond to longer and stiffer erections.

DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone is another ingredient that initiates the production of testosterone. Imagine what would happen when these ingredients combine into one capsule. Within a few days, your partner wouldn’t be able to cope with your sexual drive. That’s the power of male enhancement capsules, something that lotions, creams, patches, and essential oils can’t provide.

How To Choose the Right Male Enhancement

Most ads promoting male enhancement pills look similar. They promise a lot of things but until you use them, you don’t know whether they will work or not. And so, I have put together a checklist of all the necessary features you need to keep in mind while buying one of the male enhancement products.

• First of all, always give priority to those products that use natural ingredients. They may cost slightly more than the pills that contain synthetic elements, but your investment would be worth every penny. Most importantly, the products that use natural ingredients don’t come with any side-effects.

• Secondly, you should check whether the product promises to fulfill your sexual desires. For example, if you want to increase your penis size, you should select a product that fits that category. Don’t go about buying a supplement that gears towards eradicating erectile dysfunction. Yes, some products can take care of multiple issues, but if you don’t have those problems, you should stick to a supplement that focuses solely on increasing your penis size.

• Thirdly, you should consider the average time within which the pills claim to work. I have had the experience of using a couple of products that work within an hour. Of course, penis enlargement pills take a few days to produce their effects, but if you want to boost your sex drive, the action of the pills should kick in within 30 to 45 minutes. It is best to read reviews of the respective products before investing in one of the supplements.

If you ask for my personal recommendation, I would suggest you use Vigrx Plus. I was thoroughly impressed with its 10-ingredient formula. In fact, I even recommend it to a few friends who were complaining about their sex life. Their reactions after consuming the pills were beyond my imagination. One of them even gifted me a watch. The others couldn’t thank me enough for my suggestion.

Most Effective Natural Male Enhancement Ingredients

I will again stress on the fact that you should always buy male enhancement products made from natural ingredients like herbs, leaves, roots, and stems. They don’t have any side-effects that products with synthetic ingredients may come with. Some of the ingredients that you should look for while buying one of the male enhancement supplements are:

Asian Red Ginseng

• Epimedium Leaf Extract

• Damiana

• Muira Puama Root Extract

• Catuaba Bark Extract

• Hawthorn Berry

• Ginkgo Biloba

• L-arginine

• Yohimbe or yohimbine

• Horny goat weed

• Zinc

• Pregnenolone

• Dehydroepiandrosterone

The manufacturers decide how much of these ingredients each pack should contain. You should also keep the manufacturer’s dosage instructions in mind. You shouldn’t overdose on any of the products mentioned above. Consuming these pills more than what your body can take may lead to headaches, cramps, and nausea.

Where to buy Male Enhancement Pills That Work

It is always wise to buy male enhancement pills online directly from the manufacturer’s website. There are two reasons for that: first, no one would know about your poor sex life. Many people feel shy to go up to the pharmacist to ask for penis enlargement medicines. With discreet packaging from the manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about others knowing about your penis size. Secondly, these sites offer hefty discounts on bulk orders. You may save a lot if you buy three months of pills together.

  1. Vigrx Plus Official Site

2. Male Extra Official Site

3. Extenze Official Site

4. Prosolution Official Site

5. Semenax Official Site

Should I buy male enhancement pills over the counter?

You can, but I would recommend not to. The products mentioned above are usually not available in stores. Moreover, when you buy from the official website of the manufacturer, you eliminate the risks of purchasing counterfeit products. Additionally, you will enjoy massive discounts on every purchase. Some of the sites also offer a free trial of their penis enlargement products. If you see any difference in your penis size after using the trial pack, you can go and place your order on the website. First-time buyers often get bonus discounts that encourage them to come back and buy again. As always results may vary from person to person.

We recommend all men to contact their medical physician before using any supplements or trying to increase penis length.

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.