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We are on a mission to give every consumer access to comprehensive and invaluable information about a range of topics including Health and Wellness, weight-loss products and nutritional advice.

You can check out our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and our Full Disclaimer which regulate the use of this website. This advertising disclosure will detail various affiliate relationships that we ( have with various other companies.

In accordance with compliance with the guidelines set forth by the FTC, you can assume the following about all of the links, posts, photos, and various other materials found on this website.

All of the links to external websites are affiliate links. These affiliate links provide commission compensation from any sales that result from traffic originating from these links. is a full participant in the Associated Program offered by Amazon Services LLC along with various other affiliate programs that are designed to generate commissions. These sites include;,,,, along with others. Many pages on this site will/do contain various affiliate links to different affiliate sites including in which generates a small commission off for referring the traffic.

What Exactly Is An Affiliate Link?

As mentioned, a lot of the links found on this website are affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link that contains a special unique tracking code that is used in order to generate a small referring commission for the referring website. With these links, the price is the exact same as you would find if you visited the website on your own. Using the affiliate links that you find on this site is one of the main forms of monetization for the site. Therefore, by using them, you are directly helping to support the site.

In a few cases, you may even find an affiliate link along with a promotional code that can be used. In most cases, I am still receiving a commission off the sale of these items if you purchase using my link. However, in often cases, your direct price reflected at checkout will be less by using it, thus saving you money.

Therefore, to keep it simple, assume that just about any external link on is indeed an affiliate link that will generate a referral commission for me.

If you are looking to help me keep this site up and running and you find the information provided useful in any way, you can always use our referral links found directly on the resources page for various products I wholeheartedly recommend.

When Are Affiliate Links Used?

I only post affiliate links for products that I have found personally useful and for things that I would recommend to my friends or family. I never accept any products for review and on each post, you will see a full disclosure about whether or not I am affiliated with the brand in question. You can continue to read more about my Full Disclaimer for all of the information you want to know about non-affiliate partnerships or relationships that I may receive financial compensation for.

While a lot of bloggers do accept products for review or even participate in sponsored posts. While I don’t have any issues with this, it’s my strict policy to purchase all of the products I review on this site with my own money prior to ever recommending them. In a lot of instances, I am offered various free products to review and I kindly decline them.

The most important thing for me with this site is to provide useful resources that will help you make a lot of changes that are deemed positive in your life. Because of this, I will only link to or provide recommendations for products that I believe meet these criteria.

Nature of Affiliate Relationships

While I do purchase everything that you see on this site and any product that is reviewed, the products themselves are purchased directly from a 3rd party vendor. I have no control over these companies nor do I have a vested financial interest in them. If I do, the affiliate relationship will be fully disclosed.

Because of this, I am unable to ensure that every single product purchased with one of my links on is directly shipped in a timely manner, packaged with care, or even that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you suffer any problems with a product that you purchased through one of my affiliate links, you should direct any and all customer service related questions to them.

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