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On this website, you will find tools and unique insights for your wellness, health, and weight loss. Since our founding, we have become a trusted resource for millions of men and women all over the world. Our website has received millions of visitors to date and we aim to provide the best resources and information to help you become the best version of yourself.

At our very core is our ability to be able to draw on the expertise of the leading health journalists, dietitians, and nutritionists to provide you with comprehensive reviews on various health and wellness products, specific diets, and programs.

Also on this website, you will find hundreds of comprehensive articles on supplement ingredients, nutrition, recipes, and weight loss tips.

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Guiding Principles

Our opinions on weight loss and healthy living, which often go against conventional wisdom but are still backed by plenty of scientific research. We believe that successful dieting is about being able to maintain a reasonable low-carb diet, in addition to practicing certain long-term habits.

Unfortunately, many people who are trying to lose weight have been taught to count their calories which put the dieter into a losing battle with the person’s biology. That is also the major reason why 95% of all dieters end up gaining their weight back within only two years.

Most dieters are very familiar with this dieting merry-go-round. It looks something like the following:

Restrict the number of calories they consume in order to lose weight.
Experience being obsessed with food and walk around hungry.
Eat too much.
Gain weight.
Rinse and repeat.

As the above cycle shows, calorie counting or calorie restriction, which is what a majority of dieters are taught to do, will not help you with long-term weight loss.

Being successful with dieting instead is about eating a healthy and reasonable diet and putting long-term habits and patterns into practice.

Our mission is helping our readers understand that the “calories-in, calories-out, or eat-less, move-more weight loss philosophy is both scientifically unsupported and outdated.

The research shows that losing weight and being able to keep it off is a lot more about avoiding eating highly processed foods, along with leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising. Dieting success, as it turns out, is not about consuming low-fat foods, counting calories, or increasing willpower.

We believe that health and wellness needs to come from within and you really need to commit to yourself to be the best version you can. Sometimes using all natural health supplements can help you achieve your goals in a more timely manner. Since we are all different and not everyone has the same experience we always recommend talking with a medical professional before taking any new products.

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